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2009-03-24 01:49:18 by rilstix the Comic Shop. Is the name of my new animation! Its a music video for a great band called Tripod. I'm a massive fan of 'em. Go check it out, you might like it. Maybe.


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2009-03-24 02:01:18

Are they still around?

BTW, nice vid.

rilstix responds:

Yeah man, they'll be performing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival next month. Go check em out if you've got the chance.


2009-03-24 02:06:59

Got me.

rilstix responds:

Haha! Theres always one.


2009-03-24 02:59:15

Good job there!


2009-03-24 03:58:29

Also, congrats on the awesome score :3


2009-03-24 09:27:39

You need to learn how to lip sync better.

rilstix responds:

It was made in a rush but that's no excuse... I'm learning. I like your work sir, keep at it.


2009-03-24 14:46:36

Good job on the animation. I liked it.

My only complaints are:
-Add more expresions, the guy singing seemed like he was bored through the whole thing, or just didn't bother.

-Lip sync could use bit more variation. It looks like the singer's mouth just opens, closes, opens, closes. Which is repeated on a loop. Rather than showing he's actually singing. He looked like he was just opening his mouth and the real singer was somewhere else.


2009-03-24 20:35:42

sad thing about only few outside australia would know of the band
and they would have understanding about some of the characters in your movie
but still all good
I like their bananna rap on triple j


2009-03-24 21:00:28

aws. i thought this was a news post about you and your girl problems.


2009-03-29 02:03:36

oh and monkey magic